history of fidget


Fidget Toy evolution

In the U.S.

  • Monks of Mount Athose
  • kKomboloi: Greek “worry beads” 
  • Ming dynasty china
  • Baoding Balls: Fits in one hand to rotate repeatedly, led to modern day stress ball

Catherine Hettinger filed a patent for a spinning toy, like a domed frisbee

  • Hettinger received her patent
  • Hasbro rejected her idea
  • Hettinger patent expired
  • Scott McCoskery made Torqbar, a high-end fidget spinner
  • Scott McCoskery marketed on Facebook
  • Scott McCoskery made a 3-pronged plastic version to stay ahead of competition
  • Antsy Labs Fidget Cube went viral on Kickstarter
  • Allen Maman and Cooper Weiss launches Fidget 360
  • All of Amazon top 10 best-selling toys were a form of a fidget spinner
  • Companies began creating branded fidget spinners as promotional items